Help Connecticut families and their pets…

Throughout the month of October we are holding a

Pet Food Drive

to benefit the Connecticut Humane Society Pet Food Pantry.

iGRAFIX will be collecting all kinds of unopened and unexpired pet food for the Connecticut Humane Society’s Pet Food Pantry at two drop-off locations in Collinsville, CT and Manchester, CT. For locations please scroll down.

Brigitte DiBenedetto, principal of iGRAFIX says: “Collecting pet food for the Humane Society’s pet food pantry is a great way to help families keep their pets. I hope this project helps raise awareness in our communities about the issues the economy is causing for people and their companion animals.”

“In the last few years more and more pets have been finding themselves homeless because their families are facing tough economic situations. Financial hardship caused by bankruptcies, foreclosures and joblessness, play a big part in the dramatic increase of pets who become homeless via relinquishment to animal shelters and abandonment.”

“Holding this pet food drive will help people keep their pets. Being able to keep a beloved four-legged friend avoids a stressful situation for owners and their furry friends. If a pet has to leave its home it could mean an uncertain future for the animal, not all pets end up in a shelter with a no-kill policy. Millions of unwanted cats and dogs are euthanized in the United States every year. That makes it even more important to have pet food pantries available and well stocked,” DiBenedetto states.

The Connecticut Humane Society established the Pet Food Pantry in November 2010. The pantry currently supplies food for hundreds of dogs and cats each month. Please help make life a little easier for our friends in need.  Your generosity will help families keep their pets at home and is appreciated more than you will ever know! 

We are looking for UNOPENED, UNEXPIRED donations of the following types of pet food to keep the pantry open and stocked:

  • Adult dog food, canned or dry
  • Adult cat food, canned or dry
  • Puppy food, canned or dry
  • Kitten food, canned or dry
  • Dog treats
  • Cat treats
  • Food for small and furries…rabbits, guinea pigs, etc.

30 lbs of food will feed one dog or three cats for one month. Our goal is to collect 300 lbs of food, helping 10 dogs or 30 cats.

Three ways to donate:

  1. Drop off items at iGRAFIX Axe Factory Studio, 50 Depot Street, Collinsville, CT 06019. Get Directions
  2. Drop off items at TGM Copiers, 717 Parker Street, Manchester, CT 06042.
    Get Directions
  3. Write a check. Please make checks payable to CT Humane Society and mail to:
    iGRAFIX, 1245 Farmington Avenue, PMB 385
    West Hartford, CT 06107

You can make a difference in the lives of people and their pets in your community!

5 thoughts on “Help Connecticut families and their pets…”

  1. It’s sad but true – pets are brought to the pound in hopes they will find a new home. Unfortunately more often than not they’re being put to sleep. The pet food pantry is an excellent cause to support.

  2. I adopted my cat and puppy from a shelter, I would be devasted if I had to give them up. They’re part of my family. The pet food pantry is great and I thank you for supporting them.

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