Social Media Marketing

An active Social Media campaign could help you reach your marketing goals in several ways:

  • A dynamic blog will keep your site active and changing, which is beneficial in search engine placement.
  • Interesting blog posts attract traffic themselves, and they also encourage links (another search engine plus).
  • Creating an interconnected group of followers/fans via any of the social sites (Facebook, FriendFeed, etc.) encourages loyalty and a deeper connection with your brand.
  • The super-targeted, micro-marketing power of Twitter can help you develop a loyal, active online following (provided either you or someone in your organization is willing to commit to being the Twitter-er).
  • Social-networking and micro-blogging services can help your business and build your list of contacts.

Social networking can be a great vehicle for a brand extension if a company is willing to produce feeds of useful things. Useful means useful to others, not to the company. Companies should care about these services because networking is a fundamental key to business success.

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